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Utsav 2024

SGBS Trust that aims to make the rich cultural heritage of India

"Utsav-Culture meets Purpose", is an initiative of the SGBS Trust,from the house of Unnati, that aims to make the rich cultural heritage of India accessible to all, by organising concerts and other cultural events. Our identity lies in our cultural roots and a lot of this is preserved by art forms like live music, dance and theatre. The involvement of each one of us in these aspects is extremely critical to maintain harmony in the society.

This is as important to human life as environment is to the society. The performing arts have kept us together and built so much on, in such a meaningful way, making us all part of this wonderful 'Vasudeva Kutumbakam' that continuously gives back to society and partakes of all that we are so richly blessed with.

Over the years, the Gokulashtami Series, among other offerings from the house of Unnati, has emerged as an iconic event for connoisseurs of Indian classical music and dance, with performances from some of the most talented and highly respected names in the cultural scene, providing an inspiring and inviting experience for the listeners/audiences to expand upon their horizons of entertainment, education and discovery.

Utsav is also used as a platform to showcase the Unnati Programme, which is one of the important fundraising events for Unnati. 

Weave melodies into a tapestry of emotions, touching hearts and igniting passions with their enchanting harmonies

Utsav Schedule

10th August - 1st September , 2024

Day 1

Kum. Sriranjani Santhanagopalan
& Party

Sri. Sayee Rakshith
Sri. Praveen Sparsh
Sri. Vazhappally Krishnakumar

10th Aug | 06.00 PM Sat

Sponsered By

Day 2

Sri Srikrishna Mohan &
Sri Ramkumar Mohan
(Trichur Brothers) & Party

Sri Trichur Mohan
Sri Kovai Suresh

11th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 3

Sri Bharat Sundar
& Party

Trivandrum Dr N Sampath
Sri Kishore Ramesh
Sri Rajashekar

12th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 4

Kum Amritha Murali
& Party

Sri R K Sriram kumar
Sri N Manoj Siva
Sri H Sivaramakrishnan

13th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 5

Dr.Jayanthi Kumaresh
& Party

Sri Patri Sathish kumar
Sri S Krishnaswamy

14th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 6

Sri S.R Vinay Shrava
& Party

Smt Charulatha Ramanujam
Sri Arjun kumar
Smt Sukanya Ramgopal

15th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 7

Sri U.Rajesh
& Party

Srimushnam V Rajarao
Sri Giridhar Udupa

16th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 8

Sri TM Krishna
& Party

Sri H K Venkatram
Sri Dr Thiruvarur Bakthavathsalam
Sri Chandrasekhara Sarma

17th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 9

Sri Thiruvarur S Girish
& Party

Lec dem on padams and
javalis in T Brinda
& T Muktha bani

18th Aug | 10.30 PM

Day 9

Kum Sivasri Skandaprasad
& Party

18th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 10

Sri Ashwanth Narayanan
& Party

Mysore Sri V Srikanth
Sri Trivandrum Balaji
Sri C P Vyasa Vittala

19th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 11

Sikkil Sri C Gurucharan
& Party

Sri V Sanjeev
Smt Ranjani Venkatesh
Sri S Krishna

20th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 12

Sri J A Jayanth &
Sri N Ravikiran (Chitra Veena) & Party

Sri KV Prasad
Sri KV Gopalakrishnan

21st Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 13

Sri S Saketharaman
& Party

Alankode V S Gokul
Sri Sai Giridhar
Sri KV Ramanujam

22nd Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 14

Sri Abhishek Raghuram
& Party

Sri Mysore Karthik
Tumkur Sri Ravishankar
Sri Guru Prasanna

23rd Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 15

Sri Ramakrishnan Murthy
& Party

Sri L Ramakrishnan
Sri N C Bharadwaj

24th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 16

Smt Sudha Raghunathan
& Party

Sri Embar S Kannan
Sri Vijay Natesan
Sri G Omkar Rao

25th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 17

Smt.Nithyasree Mahadevan
& Party

Smt Jyotsna Srikanth
Neyveli Sri Skandasubramanian

26th Aug | 06.00 PM

Day 17

Manjapra Mohan
& Party

Special pooja
Pushpanjali & Deeparadhana

26th Aug | 09.00 PM

Day 18-21

Vid. Prithvi Harish & Party, Vid. Swarathmika Sreekanth & Party
Vid. Savitha Sundaresan & Party, Vid. Vishruthi Girish & Party

27th - 30th Aug | 05.25 PM - 06.55 PM

Day 18-21

Smt. Ilampirai Manimaran
& Party

27th - 30th Aug | 07.00 PM - 09.00 PM
Tue - Fri

Day 21

Smt. Radha Krishnan
& Party

30th Aug | 08.00 AM - 04.00 PM

Day 22

Srivanchiam Murali
Bhagavathar& Party

31st Aug | 08.00 AM - 01.00 PM

Day 22

Ms. Aradhana Anand
& Party

31st Aug | 04.00 PM - 05.30 PM

Day 22

Sri. Praveen Kumar, Kum. Vyjayanthi Kasi, Taamara School.
Kum. Shruthi K P, Aayana Dance Company & Party

31st Aug | 05.45 PM - 08.00 PM

Day 22

Sri. V Karthik Gnaneshwar & Party
Sri. J S Easwar Prasad & Party

31st Aug | 08.15 PM - 12.00 AM

Day 23

Sri. V Karthik Gnaneshwar & Party
Sri. J S Easwar Prasad & Party

31st Aug | 08.15 PM - 12.00 AM

Discover the exciting schedule for Unnati Utsav 2024! From lively cultural performances to captivating music and dance acts, there's something for everyone.

Click on "Read More" to explore all the amazing events we have lined up for you!


Latest News

Padma Bhushan Smt. Sudha Raghunathan: A Stellar Grand Finale to Unnati's 2023 Concert Series!!!

When Padma Bhushan Smt. Sudha Raghunathan graces the stage, anticipation fills the air. Clad in an exquisite Kanjeevaram, she presents herself in all her splendor, ready to deliver a mesmerizing concert that leaves her rasikas yearning for more, year after year.

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Sivasri Skandaprasad: Concerts Distinguished by Impeccable Stage Presence, Profound Bhavam, and Innate Audience Connection

Kum. Sivasri Skandaprasad is undeniably one of the most talented artists in the realm of devotional music. Her bhajan sandhya performances consistently introduce a fresh approach, conveyed with beauty and audience engagement.

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Sri. O S Arun: Flamboyant Music Enriched with Bhakti Bhavam!!

At Unnati, we have consistently cherished the concerts of Sri.O S Arun. He possesses a unique ability to elevate his performances beyond mere entertainment, transforming them into profound devotional experiences.

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Sri Abhishek Raghuram: Crafting Musical Fantasies into Tangible Reality

Traversing uncharted musical territories through seamless imageries of 'flights of fantasy,' Sri Abhishek Raghuram left the audience both astounded and mesmerized.

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Sri Pattabhiram Pandit: Experiencing and sharing joy

Sri Pattabhiram Pandit: Childlike persona, music reflecting Innocence filled Connection with the divine. His concerts offer sweet musical dialogues with the Lord.

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Sri Ramakrishnan Murthy: Aesthetic Excellence and Soulful Fulfillment

Young and vibrant, Ramakrishnan Murthy graced the stage yesterday, delivering a remarkable concert that will linger in our memories. His performance resonates with echoes of the greats while navigating the intricacies of ragas and krithis

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Bangalore Brothers: Exceptional Concert, a Delightful Onam Treat!!!

Bangalore Brothers, Sri Hariharan and Sri Ashok, delivered a delightful concert (29th Aug'23). Their meticulous preparation and seamless performance captured the attention of the audience, showcasing their remarkable prowess and capabilities.

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Chitravina Raviran's magic- The maestro's spellbinding performance

Sri Ravikiran, a titan in the realm of Carnatic music, gracing the stage promises extraordinary moments. Yesterday (28th Aug'23), was no exception, as a variety of pieces showcased his distinct class.

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Amrutha Murali : A Concert of Elegance, Precision, and Fulfillment

Kum. Amrutha Murali possesses an exceptional voice and her rendition comprises precisely the right phrases that provide listeners with a truly classical experience.

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T M Krishna - Mesmeric Virtuosity That Charms and Holds

The name T M Krishna evokes a plethora of emotions in the rasika, each one being profoundly special and memorable. Judging by the Saturday crowd that swarmed the venue.

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Kum. Sriranjani Santhanagopalan--"A spell of joy unleashed"

When Sriranjani Santhanagopalan sings, one witnesses her complete immersion in a world where seamless waves of pure music flow. She delves deeper, revealing priceless gems to present before us, the audience.

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Trichur Brothers: Dynamic Stage Presence and Harmonious Equation Deliver a Delightful Concert

When both the young and old flock to the venue with a spring in their step and eager enthusiasm in their eyes, it's unmistakably a Trichur Brothers concert. Yesterday (24th Aug’23) was no exception.

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Palaghat Dr. Ramprasad: A Brilliant Exemplar of Exceptional Voice and Strong Patantharam

The audience was treated to a remarkable bass voice that instantly captivated the heart. Endowed with exceptional patantharam, the performance showcased pure Carnatic music that was truly mesmerizing.

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Malladi Brothers' Chaste Musical Offering

The duo possesses innate classicism, and their music embodies 'sowkyam' in every aspect. Their choice of ragas, less common kritis, and expressive diction rooted in profound understanding of the language, render their performance truly exceptional.

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Sri. Sikil Gurucharan possesses the remarkable ability

Sri. Sikil Gurucharan possesses the remarkable ability to effortlessly bring the audience along on his melodious journey, crafting an evening of music that is truly delightful for all.

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Utsav 2023 Jugalbandhi

A Gratifying Triumph That Left Us All Beaming. The artists showcased their utmost skill, and the audience relished every facet of this captivating experience.

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Grand 46th Gokulashtami Kickoff: Spectacular Performance by Priya Sisters!

Priya Sisters delivered a captivating concert, marking a splendid commencement to the 46th Gokulashtami festival. The audience swayed to the entrancing melodies of the artists & profound musical expertise on stage.

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