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SGBS Unnati Foundation (SUF), a not-for-profit organization was incorporated in 2011. The UNNATI program by SUF was conceived and run by SGBS Trust in Bangalore and is being conducted pan India. In the initial years from 2003-2008, SGBS Trust trained around 320 youths.

The numbers shot up to 600 per year in the following years from 2008-2012. The number of beneficiaries has also jumped multifold since the scaling up of the program under SUF and has successfully trained over 45,000 youths and placed more than 35,000 youths to date.

Our Driving Principles
UNNATI was formed with 3 driving principles in mind:

  1. If we train someone, they must be given a job.
  2. They must be part of an inclusive society.
  3. They must be change agents in the society where they come from.

UNNATI is a skill-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

What is UNNATI? Not Just Vocational Training, 100% Job Guaranteed too

Our Core Values

Every achievement has a hidden story that can be as fascinating and thrilling as the success element inbuilt into it. UNNATI’s story is very similar. UNNATI is all about bringing a social transformation in society by suitably equipping underprivileged youths and providing employment. It is about creating socially conscious citizens through value education, thereby enabling the youth to stand tall.

Youth Empowerment

In just 35 days, a generation goes above the poverty line forever!

UNNATI with its tagline “Learn | Earn | Stand Tall” is a vocational training and social transformation program for underprivileged youth in the age group of 18–25 years, who are less educated and unemployed. The program consists of 300 hours of training covering areas such as spoken English language skills, life skills, values, basic computer knowledge, and vocational training based on their educational qualification. There is an e-learning platform that gives the students access to various content, including around 600 videos, specially designed by us for employability. This empowerment gets translated to performing well in the interviews and in securing a great job.

The program guarantees a job to all the students, who successfully complete the program, with various Corporates with social security. UNNATI enables inclusive growth by empowering families below the poverty line.

If one member in a family starts earning, it changes the economic status of the entire family and hence the slogan:

"A Whole Generation Goes Above Poverty Line Forever"


Every achievement has a hidden story which can be as fascinating and thrilling as the success element inbuilt in it.


Journey of SGBS Trust

The journey of SGBS Trust started as early as 1978 in a small way but gained significance around the mid-80s when it started three focussed programs.


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