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Sikkil Sri Gurucharan & Party

Sri. Sikil Gurucharan possesses the remarkable ability to effortlessly bring the audience along on his melodious journey, crafting an evening of music that is truly delightful for all.

He transforms the most challenging phrases into an appearance of simplicity. Today's (21st Aug '23) concert was both enjoyable and profoundly substantive. As usual, Sri L. Ramakrishnan on the violin showcased brilliance, providing adept support to Sri. Gurucharan. Trivandrum Balaji.

On the mridangam was a blend of finesse and immense power in his performance, significantly enriching the concert. Dr. V Suresh, among the country's foremost ghatam virtuosos, exhibited his peak form as he accompanied the artist.

Collectively, a concert that leaves the audience with a satisfying sense of time well spent.

Details of Ragas:

  • Taruni - Kamboji
  • Dudukugala Nanne Kora - gaula
  • Santhanagopala Krishnanam - Kamas
  • Ananda natam Aduvar - Poorvikalyani
  • Nenedu vedukura - Karnataka Behag
  • Sakhi Prana - Jhanjhooti
  • RTP in Keeravani pallavi - Vikasitha mukham    Subhaphalapradham Hari Hara Sutham Sada Bhajeham    ragamalika in Pallavi - mohana kalyani, Indolam
  • Maname Kanamum Maravade - Bhimplas
  • Tilana - Hamsanandi
  • Mangalam


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