UNNATI - Youth Empowerment Services

In just 35 days a generation goes above the poverty line. Forever!

UNNATI with its tagline Learn | Earn | Stand tall, is a vocational training and social transformation program for the underprivileged youth in the age group of 18–25 years who are less educated and unemployed. The program consists of 300 hours of training covering areas such as spoken English language skills, life skills, values, basic computer knowledge, and vocational training based on their educational qualification. It provides guaranteed job placement to all the students in various corporates with social security. UNNATI enables inclusive growth by empowering families below poverty line.


"Unnati is like a sculptor who creates art and we are proud to be the students who are its products. UNNATI Skill Center is the BEST Vocational Training Center in India. Its HOSTEL FECILITY for both GIRLS and BOYS in BANGALORE is EXCELLENT."


"Unnati is like a train and every platform has new members and this train takes you to your final destination. Establish your career with UNNATI. Its social transformational training programs give employable skills to underprivileged, needy, and deserving youths."


"UNNATI educates the Uneducated and Underprivileged YOUTH. It provides guaranteed job placement to all its students. During training, UNNATI provides TASTY and HEALTHY FOOD. We all like the food provided. It’s a really nice place."


"UNNATI is the BEST coaching academy. It provides the perfect platform for learning. You are not alone in this struggle. UNNATI mentors you to face difficulties. Moral support provided by FRIENDLY TRAINERS is helpful. Thanks, UNNATI."

Hemant B

"UNNATI’s training programs are UNIQUE. I have learned a lot from the Value-based Skills taught there. These have changed my life in many ways. I really feel EMPOWERED."


"Life skills are very necessary for our day to day lives. These were never taught to us before. Thank you UNNATI for teaching us these important things."

Bala Obulesu

"I have a better understanding of various subjects now. UNNATI helped me a lot. I have already recommended UNNATI to two of my good friends. It has BOARDING facility too."


"Life Skills and Analytical Skills taught at UNNATI has been a huge value add in my life. UNNATI changed my way of looking at life. I am ready to take-up any challenge."


"UNNATI has made an amazing improvement in my life and I have already recommended UNNATI to all the youngsters in my family and friends to join this academy."


"UNNATI has become my second home and my second family. Trainers are so friendly and are like parents to me. I am happy to be part of UNNATI Family."


"I had many problems before I joined UNNATI. I was not a happy person with no job. JOINING Unnati made me a Happy person and I have a Job now. I have learned a lot here. UNNATI helped me solve all my problems. I RECOMMEND Unnati to EVERYONE!"

Kanyeppa D

"UNNATI has changed my life. UNNATI gives the BEST training. Now I have a personality of my own and a Job too. Thank you UNNATI for giving me a CAREER."

Giramalla Kambale

"UNNATI trains the unemployable youth and prepares them to be EMPLOYABLE. For me personally, the journey is more important than just getting a Job."


"UNNATI is like a hub of Knowledge, my family, my friend. There was a major change in me, in just the first 5 days! UNNATI is the BEST Training Institute."


"Unnati is a GREAT Organization. It has made me who I am today."


"UNNATI is like my Home. They accept me as I am and support me through all my challenges. I am HAPPY to join UNNATI."


"I have learned so many things about LIFE from Unnati that I don’t know where to start from and where to end. UNNATI EMPOWERED me in every way. I am an INDEPENDENT girl now."


"UNNATI means PROGRESS. For me, it’s a behavioral transformation as I have learnt everything from Life Skills to Basic Computers here. I am CONFIDENT to handle computers now."


"UNNATI gave me a BRAND-NEW LIFE and I have learnt many things about life here. Thank you UNNATI for giving me a new start button in my life. I CONTROL MY LIFE now."


"UNNATI is the BEST platform for the underprivileged. The first day I came here, I was nervous and scared and on day three, I started understanding the value of this course - the Life Skills they teach, HELPED ME in my day to day life."

Shivani Bisst

"Before I came to UNNATI, I was a different person. It has made a HUGE difference in my life."


"UNNATI has helped me come up in life. It helps-out all the students and we LEARN so many things. I have seen a change in myself in such a short span of time. I am LUCKY to be a part of UNNATI Family."


"UNNATI is a second home for me. I have completed M Com. I was never taught Life Skills before - how to talk to the Corporates, Basic Manners, Hygiene and many other things. UNNATI helped me a lot with these skills. I was trained in Computers too."

Ramakanta Das

"Unnati is a Learning Centre that changed my Life because the Value that it has added in my life is incredible."

Kamal K.C.

"When I first came to UNNATI I was really surprised that there is so much to learn in such a short time. I thought that this would be an unachievable task. UNNATI's special training schedule is THE BEST."

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