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Volunteering Opportunities

Referring Unemployed Youth

It is important to identify underprivileged, unemployed, unemployable youth and counsel them to undergo the Unnati program which will empower them and also get them a job in a corporate with social security in just 35 days. This can be done by anyone and everyone knowing details about Unnati or its impact.

Unnati suggests a meeting to be organised for the service staff of the companies, where they will come at a fixed time and address the gathering. Here we will be able to find out relatives, neighbors, and children of the service staff who can actually benefit from our services. This way it will become a huge CSR initiative for the organization. It is not necessary to raise funds for this activity.


Mentoring the youth in a focused manner is a very powerful program that helps the youth for life. We can develop a format or spreadsheet reporting for this purpose. We will give details of the youth. Employees can take up 10 or 20 numbers each and keep in touch with the youth for a period of 1 year. It's about being a friend. We have seen that many times advising does not help but being a friend gives great results.

The idea is to give moral support to the youth and be his guide and mentor. Call them once in 15 days and have a general chat about life, work, etc. Avoid advice unless asked for. Lead them to the right thinking through examples of your own life. Suggest them career options for the future. Talk to them about the job market, economy, etc. Get information about their peers through chats.

Newsletters and Communications

Write blogs and success stories of some of these kids. For us, every youth is a success story because all of them have come through difficult times and made it. While interacting with the youth there could be some great insights. There could be employees interested or very good in writing. They could write success stories.

Digital Marketing

We could take help of some of your employees in this area. Add value to our FB content, website etc. This is a big challenge for us always.

Attend Events

Participate in our valediction and debates and public speaking training programs. This really is interesting and makes everyone feel good. Normally employees like to participate in these activities.

Coordination with Employers

The success of the program is contingent on us being able to place all students at reputable organizations. As our scope and scale increases, it is critical for us to continually engage with the employers in getting their inputs and feedback on the youths, course content, and their forward projections on hiring and feed it back to the planning and running of current programs.

We have special projects to identify companies in the local areas across various towns to facilitate placements of trained youth nearer to their place of residence. A lot of support is required in this area which can be done through internet and phone and does not require the volunteer to come to our centre.

Training and Workshops

There is always a requirement engaging the youth in training on interview skills, conflict resolution, team work, phone and email etiquette, career awareness, challenges at work place etc. These requirement are there in our UNXT program which are conducted in Govt. Colleges across the State.

Serious Volunteering Engagements

We seek support in publicity, digital marketing, brand strategy, design marketing campaigns, content writing, etc.

Curriculum Review

Ensuring that our curriculum remains connected to the industry and relevant is a continuous process. We seek support in this area.

Mentoring Youth Under Park Unnati
Grassroot Accelerator Mission (Sugam) Program

We have recently started our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub at our Bangalore Centre. For this program, we are seeking the support of experts from various fields to pledge their time in guiding the youth. The success of this program is directly dependent on the mentorship, guidance, direction, and motivation given to the youth.

Problem Statements

The graduates undergoing the SUGAM program would require a live problem statements on which they could work for solutions. This will help them become employable and also if required they can pursue entrepreneurship through the same business case and market their product.

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