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SUGAM Program

Live your dream of running your own business with SUGAM



SUGAM is a grassroots entrepreneurship accelerator working to bridge the rural-urban economic divide by helping non-urban youth to develop scalable, replicable, and locally impactful businesses.

With SUGAM, a youth aspiring to be an entrepreneur can conceive, design, launch, grow, and sustain a startup venture and be supported to succeed and join the core commercial ecosystem.

Our focus is on relevant ideas in key growth sectors like agriculture, healthcare, energy, and supporting youth through learning & development, mentoring, and funding.

How it Works

Develop a Business

Partner with ventures with a non-urban focus to develop viable micro-entrepreneurship ideas

Join Fellow Dreamers
and collaborators

Program participants invited from the local community, Unnati/UNXT students, and alumni.

Be Assured of

The Program facilitates Mentors, Seed Funding/Grants, free usage of Unnati Infrastructure, connects with Government agencies etc

Mature your Skills
& Grow

Core Business & Entrepreneurial skill development, venture troubleshooting, growth, and sustain

Get the support of a robust
“counter-urbanization” ecosystem that will

  • Use Unnati's programs, centers, and resources, to develop potential in youth and prime them for the entrepreneurial journey.

  • Identify primary venture partners who are looking at semi-urban and rural expansion to help program participants build locally relevant business ideas.

  • Bring the support of funding organizations to convert ideas into self-sustaining business opportunities for youth.

  • Collaborate with other community and government initiatives to ensure ongoing support, tracking, and measurable success outcomes.

The SUGAM Journey

Supporting you, the future entrepreneur,
on your growth path

  • Ambition, realization, and excitement around entrepreneurship as a viable livelihood opportunity.

  • Understanding and knowledge of the processes of organization development from the start, through maintenance and growth.
  • Financial control/fiscal discipline, securing and managing financial resources in start-up and scale stages.

  • Independent self-direction and decision making as well as appreciating and exploring multiple ways of adding value, increasing share of, or broadening the market to grow.

Support Our Campaigns

Sponsor a Youth

Your contribution sponsors training and skill development of a Youth.                                               

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Sponsor UNXT Program
in a College

Your contribution will help the final-year students from Government degree colleges and ITIs.                                               

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I am Mahadevi.
"UNNATI has made an amazing improvement in my life and I have already recommended UNNATI to all the youngsters in my family and friends to join this academy."

I am Raghavendra.
"Life Skills and Analytical Skills taught at UNNATI has been a huge value add in my life. UNNATI changed my way of looking at life. I am ready to take-up any challenge."

I am Prabhavathi.
"I had many problems before I joined UNNATI. I was not a happy person with no job. JOINING Unnati made me a Happy person and I have a Job now. I have learned a lot here. UNNATI helped me solve all my problems. I RECOMMEND Unnati to EVERYONE!"

I am Anjali.
"I have learned so many things about LIFE from Unnati that I don’t know where to start from and where to end. UNNATI EMPOWERED me in every way. I am an INDEPENDENT girl now."

2020 Bootcamp in partnership with Deakin
University at Unnati Bangalore

Recent Updates

Debate Session | Feb 17, 2023

Debate session was conducted at the Govt ITI College Bilagi led by Ashok Nashi.

Valediction ceremony | Feb 17, 2023

The valediction ceremony was held at, the government ITI college, Challakere for 0910 batch.


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