Unnati’s SUGAM- Logical Journey
SUGAM – Spark Unnati Grassroot Accelerator Mission
  • 1. SUGAM /ˈsuːɡ(ə)m/

  • 2. A Hindi word with Sanskrit origin

  • 3. Meaning – simple, perspicuous, approachable



Unique value proposition by SUGAM:

  • Mentoring Session 1: Structured two to four hours per week for 20 hours

  • Mentoring session 2: SUGAM will extend cohort and mentor support by experts in partnership with the government, academia, corporate, public and private sector enterprises.

  • Mentoring Session 3: Enable investors connect; Provide workspace to work on the life’s best ideas: Provide continuous monitoring to successful prototype to evolve into a sustainable business.

  • Invite to participate in Bootcamp program.

  • Provide vast network opportunity with Industries.

  • Connecting with Investors, Angel funders, PE’s, corporate investors.

  • Support in business venture establishment / Go-to-Market assistance.

  • Identifying Digital marketing company, which will help in your startup branding.

  • Helping in long-term capacity building, sustainable impact and scaling up the growth.