Unnati’s training programs are not just aimed to provide employment but to help the youth understand the importance of Confidence, Self-Respect, Moral Values and living the precious gift called life more meaningfully. Following is the bird’s view of Unnati’s philosophy of the training programs.

It is absolutely essential to have a sustainable and dependable ecosystem to achieve this seamlessly. The following figure depicts the ‘pride of Unnati”- The Unnati Ecosystem. Our ecosystem simply put is ‘The Whole Community at Work” has many different pieces that completes the jigsaw puzzle called “Youth Empowerment”. This big picture has many different partners starting from the beneficiaries to benefactors, teaches, volunteers, our industry partners etc. all striving for one cause Better empowered youth- Better society. We firmly believe that a Nation thrives well if the youth are trained and empowered well and money is purely incidental for the real wealth lies in the values imparted. Unnati’s curriculum has been developed by industry experts, so as to maximize the benefit to the participant and his/her prospective employer. The curriculum for the vocational streams has been devised keeping the following parameters in mind:

  • 1. Current industry trends

  • 2. Requirements of organized sector employers

  • 3. The caliber of the participants

  • 4. The time-frame of the course

The holistic approach followed in the curriculum design goes beyond the vocational training and helps the students in improving their life skills, computer literacy and general conversational abilities in English etc. The discipline and confidence instilled in them during their stay at Unnati also helps them in their day to day professional lives.