Core Vocations

We provide training for 6 main vocations in particular, namely:

  • 1. Business associate
  • 2. Retail associate
  • 3. Field sales
  • 4. E-commerce
  • 5. Bed-side assistant
  • 6. Beautician
  • 7. Hospitality /Guest-care hotel


The training under this vocation focuses on domestic voice, and back office operations for the entry level jobs. Here, experienced professionals from the field address the youth with comprehensive theory and practical sessions. Placements are usually with BPO companies. The positions typically deal with customer care/ support (domestic call centre), data entry services and progresses to being a team leader, assistant manager, deputy manager & manager.


Under retail course, basic lessons concerning the technicalities of different types of markets, their working, how to engage in effective marketing, sales, etc, is given to the students. The job opportunities often secure jobs for positions of supervisor, help-desk, sales executive, team leader, accountant and cashier. The workspaces are usually retail outlets and placements including billing counter jobs and store in-charge as well.


This vocation is based on the lines of Hospice care. It is concerned with providing physical, psychological and emotional support to patients and bed-ridden people. They have to be supervised with utmost care and sensitivity. The course offers ‘Nursing Care’ and trains to take care of patients, elders, and senior citizens.


This course is engaged only on the admission of a minimum of 20 students.


Human resource is a crucial element of the hospitality industry and guest care. The industry demands a lot of well-trained and skilled individuals. UNNATI facilitates the training of individuals with a well-designed program. They are given lessons in housekeeping such as orderliness, cleanliness, taking care of guests, cordialness, dress code and grooming, the do’s and don’ts in etiquette and guest interactions, customized maintenance requirements for halls, corridors, hotel rooms, rest rooms and a lot more. A few companies offer free accommodation along with food.