Boarding Facility at UNNATI Bangalore

- Boys hostel

Boys hostel started in 2016

The boys' hostel is just a few minutes’ away from the auditorium. We have 3 floors with a capacity to house 90 youth with a built-up area of about 5000 sq. ft.

While conceptualising this building, one thought was clear and that is, the hostel will be one of the best in its class and with your support, we are glad to say that we have been able to bring up, exactly that.

We have made sure that the recurring cost is at bay by using only LED lights and 24/7 hot water facility is powered by solar energy. Although our building cost shot-up due to our water recharging system, in the long run, we would surely cut a lot on cost.

Similarly, you will find something unique about the bunker bed. This 3 level bed has ample headroom for all the youth. This was possible only because, we increased the ceiling level to almost 12 feet on each floor, again an additional cost to the structure, but allows us to accommodate more youth.

To ensure proper monitoring and security, each room is fitted with a CCTV camera. Speaking of monitoring, we have a fully equipped warden room with kitchen. The warden will ensure proper discipline at the hostel.