Vocational Training and Social Transformation Program with guaranteed employment at the end of 35 days of training.

The vocational training and social transformation training program is spread over a period of 35 days, and has been specially designed for students between the age of 18-25, who belong to economically backward sections, and underprivileged backgrounds. They often end up unemployed, as they are not well equipped to get a job. We train such individuals in life skill values, spoken English, computers and core vocation and guaranteed placement at the end of the training.

At the end of the training, depending on their educational qualifications, we further guarantee them a job in the corporate world with social securities like ESI (Employee State Insurance) and PF (Provident Fund). The program comprises of 300 hours of training. We use a lot of e-leaning platforms in teaching the students and also give them access to various content specially designed by us for employability, including over 600 video clippings to empower the youth. This empowerment gets translated to performing well in the interviews and in securing a great job.

If one member in a family starts earning, it changes the economic status of the entire family and hence the slogan:


Our Driving Principles

UNNATI was formed with 3 basic principles in mind:

1. If we train someone, they must be given a job.

2. They must be part of the inclusive society.

3. They must be change agents in the society, where they come from.

Our Core Values

The core values that drive UNNATI are:

1. Effectiveness

2. Dedication

3. Quality

4. Authenticity


UNNATI was constituted in the year 2011, and falls under SBGS Trust which is a section 8 company. Back in 2003, it was only a program of SGBS trust. The overwhelming response from the program convinced the trust about the idea’s power. And in 2011, it was separated to form an independent vehicle called SGBS UNNATI- a foundation to spread the concept across the country and scale up its reach.

In the initial years from 2003-2008, we trained only 320 youths. The numbers shot up to 600 in the following years from 2008-2012. All in all, UNNATI has successfully trained over 35,000 youth and placed more than 25,000 youth.

In 2012, we decided to share the concept of the program with various other NGOs. The idea was to share the success of this program and deliver maximum to the society. We collaborated with nearly 8 NGOs but very soon they asked us to run the program by ourselves. In 2014, Axis Bank’s CSR funding came to our rescue in reaching new heights. From 2013-2018, we opened 30 plus centres.