Life Skills Training & Spoken English Classes Bangalore

  1. UNXT is a 100 hour job-oriented training program
  2. Is provided free of cost
  3. Tailored for final year students in Government Colleges
  4. Includes students from Degree Colleges, ITIs & Polytechnics
  5. Conducted at the college permises
  6. Placement guarantee for certified UNXT students

What Does UNXT Offer ?

  1. Training in spoken English & Effective communication
  2. PlayAblo - an E-learning app in a game format which facilitates English learning
  3. Life Skills which includes
    1. Teamwork & Participation
    2. Problem solving and Conflict Management
    3. Workplace Ethics & Behavoiour
    4. Grooming
    5. Healthy Lifestyle
  4. Employability Skills like Resume Writing & Interview Skills
  5. Values

Unnati has permission from

  1. Directorate of Employment and Training, Govt. of Karnataka to run UNXT in ITI colleges across the state
  2. Department of Collegiate Education, Karnataka to run UNXT at Government Degree Colleges in the state