Infrastructure: In a quiet, leafy street in Sadanandnagar, Bangalore, a white building rises majestically, towering above the surrounding houses. This is the “IIM of the poor,” as Ramesh Swamy, Lead Director of SUF fondly refers to it. The ‘Unnati Centre’ was inaugurated by Sudha Murthy, is an initiative of the Trust/foundation, has been a fountainhead of hope for the underprivileged youth from across the country. They come here with many dreams and aspirations of a bright future but are not yet sure how it is all going to be possible in just fifty days when they are to walk out confidently with a job in hand. This is the story of how Unnati has helped over 10,000 young men and women 'Learn. Earn and Stand Tall' The success of the Unnati Program from our initial years of conducting it in rented premises encouraged and led us to build our own infrastructure of 22,000 Sq. ft. There are dedicated classrooms for the various vocations, which can accommodate up to 30 students each. The classroom facilities are well equipped with audio as well as video facilities, as all the training modules are done through PowerPoint presentations. ACCOMMODATIONS   Our organization receives trainees from across India. They come with a hope to rebuild their lives and achieve their goals. We believe in creating a healthy and conducive environment for them to feel at home, as they are far away from their families. Infrastructure Unnati welcomes trainees from various regions and states and diverse background, giving the feel of miniature India. With such interaction comes the greater need to adjust and share opinions, and to build an outlook necessary for the trainees to prepare for various challenges in life. It enables trainees to widen their horizon and acquire important skills and learn to live in peace and harmony. In our Bangalore center, the hostel is adjacent to the Unnati center, which is newly built which can accommodate about 70 trainees. There are separate hostels for girls and boys, just at arm's length from the center. A sufficient number of rooms are available which are spacious and comfortable for trainees. There are bunker beds with lockers and attached restrooms.  Both the hostels have 24-hour water and electricity supply. There are also a few single rooms provided for trainers and guests. Trainees are provided with necessities for their stay. There is a kitchen where quality and nutritious meals are prepared. To assist and monitor the trainees, wardens are appointed who also stay in the same premises and provide them guidance and ensure discipline is maintained. The trainees are free to approach the wardens regarding any problem, inconvenience, ill health etc. There are also CCTV cameras installed in the corridors of the hostels for surveillance. Sanitation and hygiene are of utmost importance. To ensure cleanliness in the facility, various steps are taken, such as proper waste disposal. Sanitary napkin incinerators are also installed in restrooms of girls’ hostels.   Energy conservation Unnati strongly believes in Energy conservation and sustainability. To make this happen, solar panels are installed on terraces for electricity and hot bathing water is supplied by an in-house heat pump, by which 70% energy is conserved. This is an important step taken by Unnati towards building an eco-friendly organization and creating awareness to the youth and trainers. Rules and Regulations Unnati has a strict rule of administration, as we try to instil discipline in our youth during 50-days training to make them better employees. The rules and regulations are notified at the beginning of the training program and steps are taken to ensure compliances with the rules. Ragging in any form in the hostel is illegal and is banned. Smoking and consumption of alcohol are prohibited in the hostel grounds. Use of drugs is punishable and is banned. Trainees are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations, failing which they will be subjected to disciplinary action. Fees The fees for the hostel facilities is 5000 rupees. The course of the program which is of 50 days costs 2000 rupees. The trainee must bear about 7000 rupees in total for the program.    

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