About Unnati

We will be remembered only if we give our younger generation a

     prosperous and safe India, resulting out of economic prosperity coupled with

     civilizational heritage”- A.P.J Abdul Kalam








What we do –













The Company was founded in 2011 and registered as a not for profit organization u/s 8 of the Companies Act.  SGBS cherishes its simple yet fulfilling vision ‘With Society, towards Serenity” and aims to touch different facets of human life to make the society a better place to live.

The Company is efficiently run by Directors and a Core Group of Volunteers who are Professionals engaged in business or employed with reputed companies’ with complementing skills and experience, and is ably supported by a management team committed to the cause and sharing a vision of making a difference to the society.

SGBS’s Vision:  SGBS’s vision embodies three concepts:

  • Reaching out to all sections of society through art, service or training.
  • Enabling people to be happy and to lead a life of fulfillment.
  • Motivating people who are leading a life of fulfillment to give something back to the society.





SGBS’s Mission:

























Our mission serves as a blue-print to achieve our vision which encompasses all the vital aspects of a progressive and motivated society that can bring in the required changes for a peaceful and harmonious living.  Through our key programs we have incorporated the most important elements for a successful society viz., educated children, empowered youth, right moral and traditional values, patronizing art, music and culture etc. into its mission.

The following objectives are set to meet the vision:

  • Serving all sections of society and bringing about harmony through focused programs
  • Providing vocational training for unemployed youth through Unnati


More than 20,000 youth have been trained so far and placed in reputed companies by Unnati, till now, transforming the financial condition of the youth and their family. Our slogan summarizes the impact we wish to help achieve:

                                                                  “A generation goes above poverty line forever”.










































In addition to core vocational courses; basic computer skills, spoken English, life skills and value classes are made compulsory for all students, to aid in their all-round development.

Right from its inception, Unnati has maintained only one eligibility criteria for its program: willingness (minimum age criteria of 18) to learn. There is no minimum academic qualification required. Unnati opens its doors to all, regardless of gender, religion, caste or creed.




Unnati has maintained a 100% placement record and every student who enrols is guaranteed a job at the end of the 50-day program. Large Indian and multinational organizations like TCS, HDB, Tata Trent, First Source, ITC, IBM and St Marks Hotel among others have hired the youth trained at Unnati. It is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of its program. Food and boarding are offered at a nominal rate for out-of-station students and the training itself is made affordable to ensure that all sections of society have easy access to quality training and a guaranteed job.