About Unnati

Unnati with its core philosophy Learn- Earn and Stand tall aims at youth empowerment. It is a vocational training and transformation program which will help the underprivileged youth to secure stable employment. Unnati is a 50-day vocational training program offered at a subsidized cost to the underprivileged less educated, unemployed and economically backward youth with an assured job. Unnati enables inclusive growth by empowering families below poverty line.

The 3 basic philosophies on which Unnati was guided,
1. if we train somebody we must be able to get them a job
2. We must enable the youth to be good and responsible citizens and be a part of the inclusive society by being able to present themselves in the society.
3. He must be a change agent in his society

How are we different –

Short Term Program

Unnati is a short term program of just 50 Days. Unnati is a very intense program running from Early Morning till late evening we provide training for over 300 hours during these 50 days. This intensity is required to ensure discipline in the lives of the youth who have generally not been very Focused.

Finishing School Training

Every youth is taught spoken English, Basic Computers, Life skills, and Values apart from their core vocation.

100% Job Guaranteed

We guarantee them placement at the end of the training and it is a known fact that for many of these youth, the job offered by Unnati would be their first corporate job. This closes the loop by empowering the youth to stand tall on their own feet.

Overall Empowerment

It has been our own experience and we have seen so many youths who have been able to change the status of their family from being extremely poor to a much better state in just a few years. The economic independence given to one youth helps the family independence to jump by 4 or 5 folds. This has helped the family to educate the other siblings and in a matter of few years the complete social status of the family changes.

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